About SPT

In 2015, Sports Performance Tracking™ launched GameTraka™ and was formed to fill a gap in the market for sporting players all over the globe.

If you’re a professional athlete you have all these great tools and coaching staff to track your activity, monitor your output and improve your performance. Unfortunately nothing like that exists at the amateur level. You will hear professional coaches talk about how hard a player worked, how fast that player is and even how much of an endurance athlete they are. It’s hard to imagine in 2017 this sort of data had existed at an elite level for over a decade and the technology hadn’t filtered down to the amateur sporting arena.

‘’Designed and developed with amateur, sub-elite and professional players in mind’’

After a couple of years of trial and error and tech development, Sports Performance Tracking™ launched GameTraka™ in January 2015 at Las Vegas CES show. GameTraka™ is a web-based sports performance tracking platform and has been designed and developed with athletes from all levels in mind. SPT is closing the gap between amateur athletes and professional athletes having the exclusive right to use top of the range technology. SPT has provided the ability for technology to filter down to grass roots sporting level and therefore allowing YOU to track, measure and monitor your physical performance based on facts.

SPT has worked extremely hard at establishing itself as a leader in the local sporting community and strives for greatness in this area. We are currently selling our GPS platform across multiple sports and have customers in 85 countries and counting, across all 7 continents. They are playing Soccer, Aussie Rules Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Gaelic, Hurling and Ultimate Frisbee with scope to develop much further. SPT strives to be the leader in wearable sporting technology and analytics at the amateur, sub-elite and professional levels.