Amateur footballer records ridiculous GPS stats during match.


Old Scotch amateur footballer James Sansom has always been known by his fellow teammates as an elite runner… but not this elite. Old Scotch who are clients of SPT went down by 3 points to fellow premiership contenders St Bernards on the weekend.

‘Sans’ could hold his head up high with 3 goals and being named second best on ground. His GPS results proved why he had such a dominant performance. Sansom’s results were like no other we have seen at SPT, they are results even AFL midfielders struggle to reach.

The 25 year old ran 18,228 m in one match of football. He had a total of 154 sprint efforts (number of times speed was above 4.5 metres per second for longer than 1 second.)

Another crazy stat to note was Sansom ran a total of 1,032m in Zone 6. Zone 6 is calculated by how many metres you run over 21.6km/hr.

Old Scotch are currently second on the ladder with 6 wins and 1 loss behind Old Brighton who are undefeated. Old Scotch play Old Brighton this week in a top of the table clash in what is truly going to be a thriller.

Old Scotch are 1 of 10 VAFA sides using SPT. The team are kitted out with 23 units that enable them to track their distance covered, intensity, speed zones, heat maps and other metrics that are invaluable to amateur athletes. This high performance data, empowers them to monitor their personal progression throughout the season. The simplicity of the Gametraka software has seen numerous amateur teams jump on board as they are easily able to see where they are performing and under performing.