Bridging The Gap


SPT has been bridging the gap between the elite levels and the amateur levels.

For years technology such as GPS tracking has only been available at the top levels of sport. The once ‘exclusive’ product was only affordable and available for sale to the top tier teams that were ultimately professional. They had been receiving metrics and personal feedback from this technology well before it made its way to the semi-professional and amateur leagues. The question is, do elite teams really have the exclusive right to improve at a faster rate than semi-professional and amateur?

This is where we come in. Sports Performance Tracking has been bridging this GAP between the elite and lower levels. We are providing amateur leagues with the opportunity to improve and monitor their performance as if they were apart of a professional organisation. By making GPS technology available to these levels gives them the opportunity to train, play and more importantly monitor their improvement like a pro.

Lower level sporting clubs don’t need the intense data that professional clubs use, but they do need data, simple data. The simplicity of using the Gametraka platform with SPT allows athletes to monitor their progress with ease and have a clear understanding of the metrics they need to improve on. SPT recognises that amateur and semi-professional athletes have other commitments in life such as a full-time job, so simplicity of the unit is key to us and therefore to you. Simplicity, efficiency and affordability are three main factors we abide by at SPT and it is our responsibility to uphold these factors.

SPT user Chris Jackson of the Lancefield Football Club recently purchased a device to monitor his progress throughout the upcoming AFL season.

‘The GPS is going great! Very simple to use after watching the help videos, and the data I have got from my training sessions is unbelievable, and I am already seeing my strengths, weaknesses and the areas I need to improve. Absolutely stoked I purchased this item, can’t wait to use it game day when the season rolls around!’
– Chris Jackson