The importance of GPS in schools

SPT helping schools see the benefits of GPS technology. Schools are now using GPS technology to help their students gather a range of data in their P.E classes and competitive games. SPT helps students to identify and learn about the fitness components (speed, endurance and power to name a few) […]


Bridging The Gap

SPT has been bridging the gap between the elite levels and the amateur levels. For years technology such as GPS tracking has only been available at the top levels of sport. The once ‘exclusive’ product was only affordable and available for sale to the top tier teams that were ultimately […]


Emerging technology in sport

Sports are changing rapidly with the modern developments in technology. Cheaper manufacturing, more compact designs and rapid improvements have led to a boom in “wearables”, monitoring and other products that are integrated in everything from solo activities such as running, swimming and riding through to a wide range of contact […]


Gamification – accountability and competition creates success

Over the past few years, a word has been created through software companies; Gamification. To SPT, Gamification is fundamental in everything that we do. We create a platform to track human beings competing in contact sports at all levels and provide them more information in order to make educated decisions […]


Encouraging kids to lead an active life with wearable technology

Technology is great. It is developing and evolving around us, making many tasks easier and more efficient, it is a part of modern life. On the other hand, surveys are finding that kids are not leading the active lives that previous generations did, instead they are spending large portions of […]


Sleep and Performance

The average person requires between 7 and 9 hours sleep every night to function efficiently and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Athletes generally exert more energy and may require more sleep to function at their optimum during a game or training session. When we are sleeping, our body is repairing. So […]


The Future of Contact Sports

In recent years, technology has dramatically changed the way contact sports are played, monitored, watched, and umpired. Advances and investment in sport, especially with improvements in design and usability in software and hardware, have meant that the many aspects of our favourite games have become streamlined and made much more […]