Gamification – accountability and competition creates success


Over the past few years, a word has been created through software companies; Gamification.
To SPT, Gamification is fundamental in everything that we do. We create a platform to track human beings competing in contact sports at all levels and provide them more information in order to make educated decisions and drive for success.

When I created Sports Performance Tracking in my parent’s garage back in 2014, I personally wanted a tool that would allow me to understand match day output and fitness levels in order to specifically change the way I train for the ‘exact match conditioning’ I needed.
What I found next was that I wasn’t the only one that wanted it. Within 2 years of developing the product, we now have customers like me in over 35 countries from professional to juniors.

It may sound like a large differential of clients, professional and junior, but fundamentally we are all the same.

Inherently, all humans are competitive. I believe this is something that all people are born with, only a few learn to nurture it. And when it comes to applying the fundamentals of humans, we need to create environments that are competitive in order for it to be wanted / needed.

Along with competition comes accountability. Many around the globe are competitive through a range of forms, be it fighting for the attention of your parents at a young age, competing along the corporate ladder or even the ladder of life. We all compete at some stage; we only learn that we are succeeding through steps of accountability. Getting hired or fired, promoted or demoted, picked in the team or omitted. Every step along the way we are being challenged with competition among family, friends, peers and colleagues and the accountability of life is something that sets the strong from the weak.

When it comes to SPT and our software, we are always looking to utilize the fundamentals of life. Creating a system that allows you to take away perception and replace it with real facts creates accountability. With accountability comes competition, to be the best, you have to beat the best. And generally with competition and accountability there becomes a way to identify a winner and a loser. Or at least KPIs that will create these separate environments

Tracking an Athlete to see how hard they are ‘actually’ working allows for accountability. Comparing these stats to previous weeks or your teammates creates competition and when you utilize both, you have a successful environment in which people are more likely to get the best out of themselves because they can now KNOW if they are doing what it takes, not just guessing.

The most successful people set goals and these goals are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. If you start setting these goals and create a competitive and accountable environment, you are on your way to success.

Is this a guarantee? No. But are there any guarantees in life besides death and taxes?

Give yourself a leg up and create a competitive and accountable environment. Create something that allows accountability and competition. Get Gamification ready!

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