SPT Clients Powering Through to FFA Cup Round of 32


With both the NPL season and the FFA cup competition at a critical point this time of the year,  the overload of training and games can put a lot of stress on the body and risk injury for the players. Some teams will play 3 games in 7 days which puts tremendous stress and pressure on football athletes. FFA Cup participants the Bentleigh Greens, Gold Coast City FC and Sorrento FC have recently come on board purchasing SPT GPS units for their players. This has allowed coaches to monitor their athletes workload and identify if they will be at risk of injury. By identifying these risks has allowed the coaching staff to reduce the length of training/drills or increase the recovery period post-performance. The Greens sit 3rd on the NPL ladder with 10 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses on the board. They had a strong victory against Kingston FC winning 3-0 last weekend. Gold Coast City FC are currently sitting on top of their ladder in the Football Queensland NPL having won 12 out of 16 matches whilst Sorrento FC sit 3rd in the Western Australian NPL after defeating Perth Glory U21 2-0.


SPT recently caught up with the FFA cup participants to discuss how they are using SPT to their advantage.

Bentleigh Greens Physio – Ryan Edwards

‘We capture two lots of data. The first lot we do is looking at how many kilometres they cover at training and after games. We use that data to try and work out whether we are giving the players too much load or not enough load to try and ensure optimal performance. One of the main reasons we use this data is for our FFA cup games, sometimes we will play 3 games in 7 days. We just want to make sure we get their loading right so they are not at risk of injury for the next week. The other time we use the data is for the players’ rehabilitation. We will take them through a 5-stage return to training protocol. We capture their data so we can make sure that by stage 5 before they go back to play that they can cover that 5-6km mark they usually cover at training.’  


Sorrento FC – Performance Manager

‘SPT Sport GPS units have been a great product for our club here at Sorrento FC, W.A Perth. As a club we brought in these GPS units to help us take the next step in understanding our players training loads and game loads better throughout the season. This season the data that the GPS units have given us has been incredible, not just understanding distance covered but being able to analyse player’s speed’s (km/hr) and what zone’s they travel most in during a game. They also help us with the players who are coming back from injury by making sure they get back to their optimal performance before being included in the starting 11 again. We do this by analysing pervious data, while comparing recent results the player has clocked up. I would recommend this product to any sporting team or individual who wants to understand their performance better, giving them the knowledge on which aspects of their game they may need to improve on.’ 


Gold Coast City FC Head Coach – Grae Piddick

‘We have been using the SPT GPS system at Gold Coast City FC for half a season now and it is really starting to provide some valuable information to myself as the head coach, the staff and the players as well. I can use the information to track physical match performance and training loading, which can be helpful in injury prevention. The players also like to be aware of their stats which can only enhance their understanding of what we do and why.’