Why Buy From Us

SPT prides itself on award-winning technology that’s been proven to assist both team and individual growth. Our goal is to ensure our users get the edge and remain competitive in their own fields. But beyond our quest for developing powerful, simple and affordable devices, our real focus is on our customers – coaches and players who are passionate about stepping up.

We have a global community that’s continued to grow at a rapid pace. Here’s why:

Friendly and responsive customer support
We use online forums and a live chat service to answer your software and GPS questions promptly
A product that’s constantly evolving
Our team are knowledgable, proactive and always developing new ways to improve the platform
Used in amateur leagues, all the way to the pro’s
Devices are safe and comfortable to use in football, rugby, hockey and virtually any team sport with an outdoor arena
Satisfied teams
Our users have been able to use insightful and accurate data to optimise their training, prevent injuries and rank higher up the ladder
Secured ordering online
Same day dispatch and worldwide shipping
All-inclusive platform
Gain access to the device, software and full customer support with no ongoing fees or subscription requirements


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