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Bridging The Gap

SPT has been bridging the gap between the elite levels and the amateur levels. For years technology such as GPS tracking has only been available at the top levels of sport. The once ‘exclusive’ product was only affordable and available for sale to the top tier teams that were ultimately […]

Injury Prevention

Sports Performance Tracking preventing injuries in contact sports.

You hear coaches, performance analysts and conditioning coaches all talk about how GPS tracking systems help prevent injuries of their players. However, you don’t hear what actual metrics they use and how they apply these metrics to prevent these injuries from occurring. You try and read articles online about how […]


Emulating match situations in training

Lots of athletes go to extreme lengths to imitate situations that they might get during a game, at training. This is called stress inoculation training.   Essentially, it is training to help keep a positive mindset. Stress inoculation training exposes athletes to stress induced exercises so they can get used […]


Dehydration in Sports Performance

Dehydration during sports performance can lead to not only an inferior performance, but can also be dangerous to the body. Sports Dietitians Australia states that “Water is essential to maintain blood volume, regulate temperature and allow muscle contractions to take place.” Dehyrdration is defined as a dynamic loss of body […]


Emerging technology in sport

Sports are changing rapidly with the modern developments in technology. Cheaper manufacturing, more compact designs and rapid improvements have led to a boom in “wearables”, monitoring and other products that are integrated in everything from solo activities such as running, swimming and riding through to a wide range of contact […]


Gamification – accountability and competition creates success

Over the past few years, a word has been created through software companies; Gamification. To SPT, Gamification is fundamental in everything that we do. We create a platform to track human beings competing in contact sports at all levels and provide them more information in order to make educated decisions […]


Sports Performance Anxiety

Whilst raw talent, genetics and physical training make up a large portion of a sports athlete’s arsenal for success, a crucial part of the equation is how we are equipped internally. Mental preparation and stamina are a significant and consequential part of how we perform in a competitive environment and […]


Post Workout Recovery

An important topic for athletes is post workout and repairing the body to keep it in good shape so that we can minimize injury and avoid missing the next game or training session. There are several key areas which all help in muscle repair and refilling our batteries; sleep, hydration, […]


Encouraging kids to lead an active life with wearable technology

Technology is great. It is developing and evolving around us, making many tasks easier and more efficient, it is a part of modern life. On the other hand, surveys are finding that kids are not leading the active lives that previous generations did, instead they are spending large portions of […]


Round 1 – Making My AFL Debut

After a strenuous preseason and a solid NAB Challenge campaign there was a great deal of excitement but also a bit of anxiety amongst the playing group leading into our Round 1 game against the Tigers to kick off the 2016 AFL Season. Whilst I felt I made an ok […]