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Bristol Rovers Academy Testimonial

‘We started working with SPT before the start of our 2016/17 football season. We have now been working with them for a full year, and during this time, I can confirm that they have been nothing short of brilliant in supporting us at the Academy. Through working with SPT, we […]

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Gametraka now allows you to generate event reports

New in GameTraka: For anyone in a team of two or more players you will notice the events page now has a new ‘Generate Report’ button. This will open a new tab showing a printable version of the key stats you’d find in GameTraka. If you’re in a team of […]


Amateur footballer records ridiculous GPS stats during match.

Old Scotch amateur footballer James Sansom has always been known by his fellow teammates as an elite runner… but not this elite. Old Scotch who are clients of SPT went down by 3 points to fellow premiership contenders St Bernards on the weekend. ‘Sans’ could hold his head up high […]


The importance of GPS in schools

SPT helping schools see the benefits of GPS technology. Schools are now using GPS technology to help their students gather a range of data in their P.E classes and competitive games. SPT helps students to identify and learn about the fitness components (speed, endurance and power to name a few) […]

SPT updates security to provide users with a better and safer experience

    At SPT we take the security and the privacy of our users very seriously. That’s why we’ve switched all of from HTTP to HTTPS. There are a lot of good reasons to switch to HTTPS, but the two most important are to prevent hackers using sniffing and […]


Bridging The Gap

SPT has been bridging the gap between the elite levels and the amateur levels. For years technology such as GPS tracking has only been available at the top levels of sport. The once ‘exclusive’ product was only affordable and available for sale to the top tier teams that were ultimately […]

Injury Prevention

Sports Performance Tracking preventing injuries in contact sports.

You hear coaches, performance analysts and conditioning coaches all talk about how GPS tracking systems help prevent injuries of their players. However, you don’t hear what actual metrics they use and how they apply these metrics to prevent these injuries from occurring. You try and read articles online about how […]


Emulating match situations in training

Lots of athletes go to extreme lengths to imitate situations that they might get during a game, at training. This is called stress inoculation training.   Essentially, it is training to help keep a positive mindset. Stress inoculation training exposes athletes to stress induced exercises so they can get used […]


Dehydration in Sports Performance

Dehydration during sports performance can lead to not only an inferior performance, but can also be dangerous to the body. Sports Dietitians Australia states that “Water is essential to maintain blood volume, regulate temperature and allow muscle contractions to take place.” Dehyrdration is defined as a dynamic loss of body […]


Emerging technology in sport

Sports are changing rapidly with the modern developments in technology. Cheaper manufacturing, more compact designs and rapid improvements have led to a boom in “wearables”, monitoring and other products that are integrated in everything from solo activities such as running, swimming and riding through to a wide range of contact […]